California HDC Designs: The Printing Industry101

//California HDC Designs: The Printing Industry101

California HDC Designs: The Printing Industry101

Even though printing in business isn’t thought to be as potent in the future as it is now, or ever was in the past few decades, it still plays a very significant role in conveying a customer’s message to its target audience.

If you think about the printing industry, considering not only how it affects or amplifies how we deal with business more traditionally, as opposed to the digital-evolution, but also, its effect on industries such as the newspaper, magazine and printing of brochures, directories and product packaging, it plays a much larger role than we think.

Printing has always supported the marketing industry, and even though everything is being digitalised, printing still has a bright future moving forward.

Printing involves an entire process of turning a customers’ message into a form of communication and even implements the design to market the services available, or products advertised, by companies worldwide.

Many professional printing companies have large machines, equivalent to the size of that of a factory. On the other hand, there are also printing companies that offer simple printing services on paper. There is thus many services surrounding this industry, and it is essential for businesses who hire these services for printing on thousands, to sometimes millions of products, annually.

Printing and the Digital Industry


Since each industry continues to move forward, the 20th century has brought a lot of change to it, and by the end of this century, it is thought that printers will even seize to exist moving forward.

Digital publishing, along with the internet, has left a massive effect and change in the industry

Companies today all make use of email marketing, but some companies have abandoned printing altogether as a result thereof. It is due to email being a more efficient and faster method of advertising or sending informative documentation, as well as sending invoices, which in traditional means, used to be printed.

The way companies are sending and receiving, and even archiving documentation have resulted in using a digital printing format, rather than the traditional methods since 2010. It is also continuing to increase each year, leaving more people unemployed and the success of the printing industry to die down.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Printing Industry Dying Down

There are many advantages of printing becoming less and less, and this includes saving paper, which is being produced way too fast than the earth, and the deforestation effects can handle.

On the one side, the shift to digital has had an immensely positive impact on the earth itself, along with saving the forests on the planet, but on the other hand, it is affecting unemployment statistics more than ever before as there are 250,000 people employed in the industry, in the U.S. alone. Printing has also made billions of dollars in revenue, which is an unsettling thought for those who rely on it to survive, especially moving forward.

Another major advantage is the fact that the digital shift saves time, which is something technology was made to preserve more, which ultimately means, it’s a good thing.

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