Different Types of Printing Services

//Different Types of Printing Services

Different Types of Printing Services

There are various types of printing services made available to us. However, this article discusses the five basic and the popular services amongst those. Take a look.


Offset Printing

Offset printing is best known as offset lithography printing. This type of printing is known for bulk printing and has the best printing quality amongst most types of printing services. Offset printing makes use of plates which are first run through water and then ink. When the plate used is inked, the image or the text part of plate holds the ink. Water used on the plate sticks on the blank spaces on the plate.

The benefits of offset printing are; they tend to have consistent high image quality and is a quick and an easy method of the production of the printing plates. However, the disadvantage is that it is hard to undo mistakes because the layout cannot be changed once fixed on the plate.

Offset printing is mainly used to print brochures, newspapers, posters, magazines.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing is an upcoming popular printing method. This is mainly because of the fast printing processes and the high-quality output it offers. The unique aspect of digital printing, when compared to other kinds of printing services, is that it does not require plates to be prepared and does not need to go through a setup process, unlike offset printing. This, in turn, saves a lot of energy and manpower. Another benefit of digital printing is that less paper and chemical is put to waste because the ink and the toner do not get absorbed by the paper and only remains on the surface.

Inkjet and Xerography are techniques that are widely used in the digital printing sector. Inkjet printing is often used to print out public display signs, posters, photo books and a small run of books. Meanwhile, Xerography is used primarily for printing direct mail, brochures and other documents.


This type of printing is mainly used to print labels for varied items. It is versatile and can be used to print on various bases. Flexography makes use of plates which are made out of rubber. The plate is inked, and the final inked result is then transferred to the printing surface. This method of printing is also called the modern version of a letterpress. Flexography can also be used to print gift wraps, wallcovering, plastic bags, food packaging, and to some extent newspapers and magazine inserts.


Screen Printing

Just as the name suggests, screen painting relies on a screen which is a woven piece of fabric. It is also known as silk screening. The process of printing includes the ink being transferred to a base, except for the areas which are blocked off with a non-absorbent material (a stencil). Screen printing is used for printing shirts, bedsheets, watches, clocks, mugs, billboards, and many more.

Gravure Printing

Gravure printing, which is also known as rotogravure printing, uses direct contact with an etched copper plate and paper. This technique engraves an image into a printing cylinder, which is inked and later the ink is transferred on to a paper. Gravure method of printing is mostly used to print in bulk and is comparatively expensive. It is mainly used to print magazines, newspapers, gift wraps, plastic laminates, packaging, printed upholstery and many more.

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